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About me

Summary: I am not very good at talking about myself, but here goes. If you know me, you know I am crazy about photography and art. I eat it and breathe it. I am very detail oriented, I drive my kids crazy, I love people, I want to rescue every animal I see on the street, I love to swim, I love old books, I love to garden, I sing, and I talk very fast when I am excited.

The details: I have been a photographer since high school, it is all I have done since my senior year. I have over 20 years of experience in photography, specifically portraiture. I have never gotten tired of photography, ever. I always have new ideas, new concepts, and I love to experiment with my photography and my clients.

Photography is like any art, it is constantly changing. You must be flexible and change with it. Each day is a new day, so is each session and client. We are all different, and we are all looking for a special way to express who we are. I do that from behind my camera.

My style: I think if I were to describe my style it would be romantic. I love to see people glow, I love true moments like laughter and joy in my photography. I definitely like sexy photography, the human body is a work of art. I also find baby rolls and laugh lines in your smile beautiful. I am not afraid to photograph hugs and kisses and tears. My photography usually tells a story about you and the ones you love.

My subjects: What makes what I do so great? I think it is my clients. Most of my clients have become my friends. I love being able to say that. I really have respect for the people around me and their ideas also. It isn't about me and who I am, it is more about you and what your vision is. I always ask, what do YOU want. If I can create something beautiful for you that you will treasure, then I created art. It isn't art without you though, there is someone in the scene, and it is never me, and I am okay with that!

Finally, it's personal: Everything is personal for me. You may not find yourself all that interesting, but I have found that everyone does have a story. I want that story in your images. I want you to look fabulous in your photos, if you don't look good, I don't look good! I really try not to take the same photos over and over again, your session should be a unique fingerprint.

P.S. If you read the whole thing, you deserve to know those are my children!

Cameo Rose